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About Green Ranches LLC

Established in 2005 Green Ranches LLC has since been recognized as the best of its kind in catering the landscaping market with a team of specialists, who are authorities of innovative design, technical expertise and commercial excellence.

As a result of successful development of economic growth in UAE, the expansion of infrastructure has become increasingly high and so it was mandatory to have a company which can endow the marketplace with quality services in the field of irrigation and landscaping, thus leading to the birth of Green Ranches LLC.

GRN is frequently consulted early in the design stage of new development where early partnerships have resulted in cost saving and performance improvement even at the last stage.

The acquaintance and flexibility of our design team is guaranteed to result in an improved design and provide an economic solution to an otherwise expensive problem.

We are proud to have been repetitively contracted by many of our esteemed and satisfied clients.



We are a team of experienced individuals with field experience in utilizing modern tools and techniques. We follow standard work processes to achieve the desired results within time, quality and budget. We adhere to a quality standard of work processes and strive to deliver within the set time and budget.

Our knowledge and experience of landscaping solutions allows us to deliver the best solutions for unparalleled client satisfaction, professional integrity, trustworthiness, quality, and longer lasting business relationships.

Our team of professionals make sure that our services meet the client’s requirements while providing practical suggestions. We use our comprehensive design expertise along with execution abilities to deliver solutions that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.