Swimming Pool / Kids Pool / Jacuzzi

Green Ranches LLC established in 2005 is recognized as one of the leading specialized contractor for Swimming pool construction in UAE. We are serving the market with the team of experts to design and execute considering authority requirements, technical expertise and commerce excellence.  We work together as a team with our clients, vendors, team members and the entire community to poster Team work. 

Swimming pool is generally a solid concrete structure designed to hold water to enable swimming and other leisure activities. Having swimming pool at home it will change our property and lifestyle. We have 15 years’ experience in construction of swimming pool within UAE.  We design swimming pool as per our customer’s requirement and help to choose the right pool for individual and for public use. There are 3 types normally built to suit their requirement.

Overflow type pool is commonly used in public or commercial purposes whereas Skimmer type pools are built for private use. The third type is infinity type which provides spectacular view and built within a commercial and hotel apartments complex.

We design and build Swimming pools for various sizes and shapes as per owner’s requirements. Depth of pools are limited to maximum 5’5” considering the safety standards.

Since Bacteria , Algae and other organisms thrive under warm water condition which is obviously harmful for general public in a commercial pool  we maintain temperature as not higher than 28 degree Celsius. Kids pool are similar to the swimming pool but built for kids play and swimming. It is generally shallow pool type considering the safety and security of kids