Soft Landscape

Green Ranches LLC established in 2005 is recognized as the best its kind in catering the market with the team of specialist with characteristics mix of the authorities of Innovative Soft land scape design, Technical expertise and commerce excellence. We strive to work together with our clients, vendors, Team members and the entire community to poster Team work. We design, build and take over Maintenance works as per customer requirements.

Soft Landscaping is defined as the process of working with landscape elements that do not involve construction. Soft landscape are elements that are fluid and changing as the mature. Changing a soft features of a landscape is a cost effective way to improve the entire outside look of  your home without the expense of major landscaping.

Soft landscape refers to sweet soil, organic fertilizers, Palm trees, Ornamental trees, Plants, Flower, Nursery, Turf and lawns and indoor plants.

Landscape design is built up in providing a complete range of turnkey landscape designs with components of aesthetical, horticultural and environmental sustainability considering factors like ground water recharge, Topographic, recreational amenities and client requirement in order to choose right plant to the right place. 

Landscape Maintenance involves Weekly lawn mowing/edging, weed control, Trimming of small trees/shrubs, Mulch/soil installation, Seeding, Fertilization schedule, Lime/sulphur application, Pest and disease control, Pruning of palm trees, Regular checking of irrigation drip line, Removal & disposal of garden waste, etc…