MEP Services

As part of works package we undertake design and installation of MEP services including electrical works required for Irrigation, Swimming pool as required for the project. 

For Irrigation works we design and select  Irrigation booster pump, Filters, Gate valve, Flexible connector, GRP water tank and water supply network based on the  design calculation and daily water consumption for Irrigation purpose based on the volume of works for individual projects. 

We design and fix MEP services for Swimming pool including installation of equipments like Filtration pump, Cascade pump, PH Dozing pump, Booster pump, Heat cool pump and accessories like UPVC pressure pipe fittings, shell equipment, Sand filter, PH dozing controller, Transformer and under water lights including necessary services/connections as per project requirement.

External lighting like spike light, up light, bollard light with electrical cable, conduit pipes & control panels are selected and fixed as per customer requirement.

MEP works are part of the package and necessary shop drawings/Material submittals/Method statements/Design calculations are submitted and get it approved from the Engineer/Owner prior to proceeding with works at site.