Automatic Irrigation System

Irrigation is defined as Artificial application of water to land or Soil. Irrigation process can be used for the cultivation of agricultural crops during the span of inadequate rainfall and for maintaining landscape. 

An Automatic Irrigation system does the operation of a system without requiring manual involvement of persons. Every Irrigation system such as drip, Sprinkler and surface get automated with a help of electronic appliances and detector such as computer, timers, sensors and mechanical devises.

An Automatic irrigation system does the work quite efficiently and with positive impact on the place where it is installed. After Installation in the field, the water distribution to crops and nurseries becomes easy and does not require any human support to perform the operation permanently.

Automatic irrigation system involves the use of a device to operate Irrigation structures so the change of flow of water from one bay or set of bays to another can occur in the absence of Irrigator.

An automatic Irrigation valve controls the flow of water from the main line to each zone. Apart from automatic, subsurface irrigation system, green roof irrigation system, centralized control system are also used

Various type of Irrigation system includes Surface Irrigation which is water distribution over and across land by gravity, Localized irrigation, Drip irrigation , sprinkler irrigation.