About Us

Our History

Established in 2005 Green Ranches has since to be recognized as the best its kind in catering the market with the team of specialist with characteristics mix of the authorities of innovative design, technical expertise and commerce excellence.
Greens Ranches scope of activities covers Landscaping, Irrigation, Design & execution, Building Maintenance, Building Material Trading, GRC/ GRP Fabrication design, implementation and up holding of all Leisure related aspects.
As a result of successful development of Economic growth in UAE which lead to the expansion of infrastructure it was mandatory to have a company which can endow with quality Services in the field of Irrigation and Landscaping thus lead to the birth of GRN.
GRN is frequently consulted early in the design stage of new development where early partnership has resulted in cost saving and performance improvement even involved at last stage. The acquaintance and flexibility of our design team will often result in an improved design and economic solution to other wise expensive problems.
Soft Landscaping, Irrigation, Hard Landscaping, Water Feature are Major Features in the present environment and detailed consideration in the design and implementation is essential for a Long term Success of display.
GRN is committed to excellence with a policy of continual improvement. We fully realize that the client’s reputation as well as our own is judged by the standard of our achievement.
We are Proud to have been repetitively contracted by many of our esteemed satisfied clients.

Quality Policy

Quality is portability, reliability, efficiency, usability, testability, understandability and modifiability.
GRN ensures that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.
a) Communication through out the organization the importance of meeting customer needs and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.
b) Establishing quality policy and its objectives.
c) Ensuring that the management reviews set and review the quality objectives.
d) Ensuring availability of resources.

Safety Policy

This should outline in broad terms the organization’s overall philosophy in relation to the management of health and safety, including reference to the broad responsibilities of both management and work force.
The Company believes that arrangements (system and procedure) as a part of policy deals with the practical arrangements by which policy will be effectively implemented which includes safety training, safe system of work, environmental control, safe place of work, machine / area guarding, medical facilities and welfare, maintenances of records, emergency procedures and work place monitoring.

Safety Objectives

a) Commit to operating the business in accordance with the health and safety Law and all applicable regulations under the act as far as possible.
b) Specify that health and safety are management responsibilities ranking equally with responsibilities for project execution, cost and similar matters.
c) Indicate that it is the duty of the management to see everything reasonably practicable is done to prevent personal injury in process and to maintain a safe and healthy place of work.
d) Indicate that it is the duty of all employees to act responsibly and to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and fellow workers.